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Sugar Island hosts many events throughout the summer. As well as celebrating holidays such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, and 4th of July, Sugar Island also has an annual chili cookoff and washer throwing tournament, live bands, cookouts, and much more!


Sugar Island's 4th of July weekend is one of the largest events of the season. Customers can camp, canoe, have a cookout, and of course enjoy fireworks! Every year Sugar Island hosts a fireworks show to celebrate the 4th of July. The fireworks show can be enjoyed on the 4th!

Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends are also busy weekends for Sugar Island. There are lots of people, lots of activities and lots of places along the river to stop and take part in the action! Customers should expect to see lots of people and have lots of fun!

Sugar Island has a river clean up weekend where anyone interested may come and help clean Big Sugar creek. Sugar Island encourges people to come, and will give a half price canoe to anyone willing to pitch in. The date of this weekend varies. Feel free to call Sugar Island for more information on dates.

live concert

If you are interested in having an event (reunions, birthday parties, youth group retreats, etc...) feel free to call Sugar Island at: 417-223-4410. Pricing varies so arrangements will have to be made with the owner.

The live band performances at Sugar Island include music styles such as Country, Bluegrass, Classic Rock, etc... If you are interested in having a live band come to Sugar Island feel free to contact Ed Ables at Sugar Island to set up a date and time.


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